Hyperpigmentation, blemishes on the face, sun spots… GOODBYE!


What is hyperpigmentation and how to get rid of it? The almost flawless, perfectly even complexion we see in girls on Instagram, in magazines, and other media that try to sell us an illusion does not really exist. Small small irregularities, freckles, blemishes, and inconsistent tone are completely natural and normal things and it’s possible to achieve those results with facial treatments in Soze beauty cosmetic salon. And that’s why we really shouldn’t feel bad. And yet, no matter how hard we try to embrace ourselves and all our shortcomings, it is true that we women secretly sometimes want just that – perfection in every form and shape. Perfect facial skin is an absolute imperative for most ladies, and hyperpigmentation on the face, which puts visible spots on the skin, cheeks, the area above the lips, or on the nose, is not a charming phenomenon at all.


Spots on the skin Facial hyperpigmentation is the process of creating a dark spot on the face and surface of our skin due to excessive secretion of melanin – a pigment that gives natural color to our face, body, hair, and eyes. Increased production of this element is most often caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, but genetic predispositions, age, hormonal status, and certain changes in the skin in the form of injuries or inflammation can also be the causes of this problem. Although melanin is practically a natural filter that protects our skin from harmful UV rays, and although thanks to it we return from summer vacation beautifully tanned, too long sunbathing in uncontrolled conditions will disrupt these natural processes and result in unwanted pigmented marks on visible parts of our skin.


It is a phenomenon that affects a large number of women, and dark spots on the skin suddenly appear on the most prominent parts of the body such as the forehead, nose, cheekbones, but also the décolleté and arms can be of different intensity, size, and shape. However, the most important thing is to first determine what type of hyperpigmentation you have, so that you can know afterward and how to treat it in an adequate way. Sunny lentigo The direct result of intense and frequent sun exposure, as well as an unequivocal sign of skin aging are small darkened spots on the face, neck, and arms. Although this type of hyperpigmentation is often classified as “age spots”, it can appear in the early twenties, first of all in people with extremely light and medium-dark skin color.

What is interesting is that the existing spots can darken by a shade after each subsequent exposure to sunlight. Dermapen treatment Melasma This term includes the appearance of dark seals that appear most often in women, due to hormonal changes that cause taking contraceptive pills or pregnancy. Also known as the “pregnancy mask”, melasma most often affects the cheeks, upper lip and forehead, and “attacks” people with a darker phototype. The changes occur mainly during the summer months when the sun exposure is increased, but they can also occur at the moments when the hormones return to balance. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation After a serious injury to the skin, any kind of damage, acne, eczema, or inadequate use of certain cosmetic preparations, there is a possibility that a mark will remain on the skin in the form of ugly spots. Also, inadequately applied progressive treatments can cause the same problem, or significantly worsen it. This type of hyperpigmentation is often considered skin trauma since it can remain as a trace after a certain disease, but in most cases, it will heal itself after a long period of time.


Bearing in mind that our skin is a very delicate organ that often represents a reflection of our health, it is essential that the changes on it should be carefully monitored and examined. It is true that the sudden appearance of dark seals and blemishes on our body or face can be an indication that something is wrong, that there is a certain metabolic and gastrointestinal problem, autoimmune disease, or hormonal imbalance, but in most cases, it is harmless blackouts that are entirely benign. Keep in mind that the use of antibiotics, antimalarials, chemotherapeutic drugs, or anti-epileptic drugs, as well as photo contact dermatitis that causes henna dyes or tattoos, can have a similar effect.

skin freckles


It is true that some hyperpigmented spots can simply disappear, fade, but you can eliminate major such changes on the skin only by adequate action. In the beauty salon Sože beauty, you can undergo various types of treatments, the ultimate goal of which is to remove blemishes from the face and body, ie. remove unwanted pigmented traces, and professional and friendly staff will guide you in detail in all processes and suggest the potentially best solution.

Chemical peeling

We are aware that applying acid on the face sounds like something you would not want to experience, however, proper application of fruit solutions by a professional and medically trained cosmetologist can do a real miracle for your skin. The application of acids removes the surface layers of the skin, and thus the blemishes on the face that are on it, and provides the opportunity for young skin to shine in full force. Don’t let the redness, blisters, and peeling of the skin that follow the treatment intimidate you – this is a natural regeneration process that will end in a short period of time and bring you fantastic results.


One of the most popular methods of removing hyperpigmented marks on the skin is the application of dermapen. It is a very precise type of treatment that removes darkening by penetrating the middle layer of the epithelium with small needles and disintegrates melanin deposits into small particles that are then resorbed. Keep in mind that the application of both methods simultaneously reduces the visibility of wrinkles and pores, evens out the complexion, and removes acne scars, while derma pen also encourages the skin to self-regenerate through the process of collagen induction. Due to the presence of needles during the treatment, a slight tingling sensation is felt, the use of a local anesthetic is advised.


As it turned out, mesotherapy, which involves applying a cocktail of appropriate vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other active substances, is another very effective technique for combating dark spots. In addition to the fact that this treatment stimulates the renewal of skin cells and the creation of new blood vessels, it also reduces the active processes that lead to discoloration of certain parts of the body. However, a combination of mesotherapy and chemical peeling is recommended for persistent and extremely dark spots.

Cosmetic preparations

If the blemishes have been placed in the surface layer of the skin, it is certain that the continuous use of adequate preparations can be effective. The German cosmetic house Babor, in whose products the staff of the Sože salon unconditionally believes, has recently offered two new products intended for the prevention and removal of hyperpigmented marks from the skin. Refine Cellular
The Age Spot line includes a concealer and protector with SPF 30 that need to be used in tandem in order for the high active ingredients to achieve their full effect. The nourishing serum prevents the formation of melanin and alleviates existing pigment changes after only four weeks of regular use, while a light day cream reduces pigmentation and prevents the formation of new spots.


In order not to get into a situation where you have to think about ways to treat this problem, prevent its occurrence by taking certain preventive measures:

The most important thing is to protect your skin from harmful UV rays throughout the year, not just in summer, and apply sunscreen every day. If you have a tendency to hyperpigmentation, limit your exposure to the sun at the time of day when it is strongest, bend in the shade more often, and don’t forget to wear a hat during long walks. Consume foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. Include preparations that prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation in your daily care and additionally hydrate your skin with creams that contain coconut oil and aloe vera. One thing is important to remember – hyperpigmentation is a problem that is completely solvable.

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So don’t despair, wait for colder days, and make an appointment. Until then, put a smile on your face and enjoy this day – life is too beautiful for your mood to be spoiled by harmless spots.