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There is something really great about American Harvest Spirit. Let us remove the taste from the equation because by default, it already tastes good. It is smooth as you drink it that you’d want more. But mix it with other ingredients and you can create magic. This is my new favorite vodka now. I am not a professional bartender, really. But I like to mix and match some combinations every once in a while and so far it is great. Taste it yourself to know more about what I am talking about.

The taste of this drink is really superb. I enjoy serving this especially to those people who visit me at home and in the office. There are no issues in having it because it is organic. So even those who are very conscious about their health like to try. No one gets left behind whenever we hang out together especially with my friends. The taste is really good too. Contrary to what many believe, it is good even if you just add ice on it. No need for so much added ingredients because the taste is already great.@Leo

I like the fact that this vodka is organic. I never thought that such a drink exists. I know that it does on food but drinks are something else entirely. You will think that because it is organic, the taste would be weird and horrible but it is not. In fact, it tastes really good. I had the chance to accidentally get this from my friend’s house and since then, it has already become my choice of drink. Make sure that you get yours too. I drink it plain because the flavor is more potent then. I suggest you to be more creative because you can really do a lot of things from one bottle of this vodka. @Mark