Have you ever thought about volunteering in Europe? If yes, Norway probably didn’t cross your mind, right? However, you might be surprised by how many opportunities this country has to offer. Despite being located on the far north, Norway is the land of beautiful landscapes, but also one of the countries with the lowest rate of unemployment.

For that reason, this might be an excellent opportunity to improve your volunteering skills, or commonly known as dugnader in Norway. In this article, we will explain the necessary requirements, as well as the reasons why you should choose this country.

Why should you volunteer in Norway?

There are a lot of reasons why to pick this country, but we are going to name only a few we consider are the most important:

Friendly locals – people are quite open toward other nationalities; therefore, you will feel very comfortable while staying here. In fact, they are against any kind of violent behavior and welcome other nations and religions.

Stunning scenery – well, this is self-explanatory. Norway is one of the countries in Europe that has the most beautiful scenery, and if the time is right, you might even see Northern Lights.

Diversity of people – it’s quite possible to meet likeminded friendly people from all over the world. Since Norway is the country of highly-educated individuals, many people grasp the opportunity to come and work here.

A peaceful way of life – if you are tired of the city crowd and want the change of scenery, then Norway is the right place for you.

Popular destinations:

  • Henningsvær Lofoten
  • Oslo
  • Kristiansand
  • Løkta in the Helgeland islands
  • Stange

Volunteer on farms

There is a lot of paid voluntary work available on farms throughout Norway. For instance, you could visit WWOOF, which is quite popular in this country, and a lot of families publish ads for help during the year.

Volunteer on farms
Best time with Volunteer on farms

In most cases, you will receive free accommodation, meals, as well as essential pocket money. However, be prepared to complete daily tasks around the farm. They often include taking care of animals, gardening, fielding, fencing, woodworking, planting vegetables, and so on.

Applying in relevant fields

If you are more interested in other voluntary work, such as engineering, or teaching English, then you will face fierce competition. Norway invests a lot of money in renewable energy; therefore, they explore various ways on how to save energy.

It’s one of the reasons why their citizens mostly seek employment in this branch. But, you could still find volunteering positions; however, they most likely won’t be paid. When it comes to teaching English, you should know that Norwegians speak English almost fluently.


While the majority of the population speaks English, it would be wise to pick a couple of local phrases. It will make the most of your experience and help you blend better. Additionally, depending on the position you are applying, some will require you have a college degree, driver’s license, experience in a relevant field, and so on.