American Harvest Spirit - FAQs, Vodka, alcoholic beverages, organic beverages

Thank you for visiting our website here at American Harvest Spirit. We hope that we have been helpful in providing you with the latest news about this drink and more information also about it. We know you still have plenty of questions about the product and about the company. We encourage you to send them all to us. Here, we have compiled all the common questions being asked by our guests on a regular basis. You can use this in understanding more about us and knowing more about what we do. But just in case you have more questions, feel FREE to send them to us via our contact details you can find at our Contact Us page.

Q. Where can we get American Harvest Spirit?
A. We have affiliated stores that sell them. You can check out our ‘STORE’ page to know more about them. You can also buy from this site.
Q. How long will be the delivery for this?
A. Delivery time depends on the location. The farther you are from our affiliated store, the longer it will take before you receive your purchase. Trust, however, that we are going to expedite the delivery as much as possible. At most, you can receive it within 14 working days.
Q. How to pay for my purchases?
A. You can pay for your purchases via major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Discovery, and American Express. You can also pay via PayPal and wire transfers. So far, we do not accept any cash on delivery mode of payment or even via pseudo currency such as BitCoin.
Q. Do your products have insurance?
A. Insurance is optional. If you want to have one, you can choose to add insurance during the check out of your purchases. Please take note that this will incur an additional cost.