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Your support to American Harvest Spirit has by far been overwhelming. We created this drink with the general public in mind. We want them to have a choice of vodka that is organic and sustainable especially those who are pushing for such advocacy. We are happy that within just a few years only, we already managed to make the brand and the product soar. We are very grateful with all of your support and assistance.

How can we help you today? Do you have questions about our products, the company, or the website? Then we’d love to know about it. Kindly send us your inquiries today at We promise to send to your our response as soon as we can. We also encourage you to checkout out Frequently Asked Questions page before trying to send us your questions. In that way, if the question you’d want to ask is already listed there, you can save the time and effort in contacting us. Also, you can learn a lot of new information there.